Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Instant Pot Roast

I should've taken photos but did not, but this photo I found looks like what ours did (thick slices and on the verge of falling apart). This was pretty good, especially considering the cut of meat. We got Eye of Round roast in our Butcher Box and weren't sure what to do with it, so this was my first Instant Pot meal and we'd consider it a success!

1 roast (2-4 lbs) chuck would probably be best; we used eye of round which is quite lean
2 tbsp (about) seasoning, salt, and peper
1 onion cut in wedges, separated
1/2 cup red wine (whatever kind you like to drink, but not a sweet variety)
1 1/2-2 cups broth, or water (have about 2 cups of liquid, I think, using whatever you have. Beef broth and red wine add most flavor)
Sides/Veggies (extra wide egg noodles, potatoes, carrots, etc.)

1. Turn the IP on to saute and when it's ready (HOT), drizzle some EVOO or fat of some sort. I kept adding more as I browned the meat. Pat the meat dry and sprinkle liberally with your favorite seasonings, salt, and pepper. (I used the blend from Costco "Garlic Saltless spice blend" consisting of garlic, onion, pepper, lemon peel, etc. It's a great blend; we use it on everything!). Brown the meat on all sides.
2. Remove the meat and add one onion cut up, add more oil if needed and just quickly saute for a  minute
3. Add red wine, or a little of the liquid you are using, and deglaze the bottom with the onions in there. Add remaining liquid.
4. Add meat back on top of the onions.
5. Turn the IP off/warm. Put lid on the pot and turn it on to manual mode and increase the time to 70  minutes. Make sure the pressure release handle is on "sealing." (I gauged this one, and you may adjust it after trying your first roast. It was a good amount for this meal though).
6. Naturally release the pressure, so once the cooking stops, it will go into warm mode and naturally release the steam until the float valve goes down (this took about 10-15 minutes). After a few, you could probably quick release by moving the pressure release handle to release (with a towel and do NOT be anywhere close to it; that steam will burn you when it releases).
7. I took the meat out to rest and added a cornstarch slurry to thicken the juices to make gravy.
8. Serve how you like; we served it with the juices/gravy over wide egg noodles and a side of corn (because that's what we had). It would be great with potatoes and carrots too.

Now that we've officially cooked our first  IP meal successfully, we have a better idea of how to use it for this type of meal and what to do. I would use this same method to make a beef stew. I think you just add the carrots and potatoes with the onion at the bottom and place whatever meat you use on top. The juice was so good (I did not add enough red wine because I just used what was left in a bottle, but above I increased the amount).

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